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About us.
Our background and how we do business.

KFA was established by a team of very experienced and well-qualified executives and engineers with a long track record in the European level measurement industry.

This dedicated team set out to establish a flexible, customer-oriented company that is more than just another device manufacturer - we consider ourselves a strategic partner in your business that thoroughly understands your applications and specific level information requirements and provides you with a perfect solution for a highly competitive price.

KFA quickly and personally supports its customers worldwide - either directly or together with our qualified international distributors.

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KFA2 with rod probe

Our products and services.
What we can offer you.

We design and market innovative level sensors that have superior application performance, are simple to install, easy to use, and offer excellent value for money. In addition to marketing complete sensors, we also sell just the key sensor components that will enable our cooperation partners to locally assemble the level sensors in their own factories and market them under their own brand names.
We are open for any kind of co-operation - just get in touch with us. Through our network of very experienced instrumentation experts, we can also provide installation and maintenance services.


We are currently designing a new remote access solution for level information which will provide our customers and partners with a very cost effective and highly convenient way to remotely monitor and configure their level information. Please check back frequently for updates...

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Our technology.
How our innovative products work.

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KFA focuses its sensor activities on Time Domain Reflectometry [TDR] technology - also known as Guided (Wave) Radar [GWR].

This innovative level measurement technology enable us to build sensors that outperform other devices based on the traditional measurement principles, e.g. capacitance, conductive, ultrasonic.

This technology is one of the most modern and by far the most versatile in the field of level measurement.

In TDR level sensors, low-energy, high-frequency electromagnetic impulses, generated by the sensor’s circuitry, are propagated along the probe which is immerged in the liquid - or bulk solids - to be measured. When these impulses hit the surface of the substance to be measured, part of the impulse energy is reflected back up the probe to the circuitry which then calculates the level from the time difference between the impulses sent and the impulses reflected.

The sensor can output the analysed level as a continuous measurement reading through its analogue output, or it can convert the values into freely positionable switching output signals.

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